Anyone who signed such a law of forced injections on Americans has NO future. We may not have known at first, but we do now: those products are useless and toxic. Sadly deadly for many who die suddenly.

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I like holding politicans accountable even those in the party I support or vote for! Thanks Mr. Stone. Keep up the good work. We need more interviews like this.

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Wow.. u sur r some weirdo... Definily ain't no red neck doode. Calling people names, ain't no kind, understandin type... Waisting ur time here .. to bad...

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U aint no red nek , red neks r kind, kurteous, and luv there momma. U r acting lik a spoiled lib.

DeSanctis vote fer TPP.. that aint no 'Merica First policy.. only Guvernor to keep there State opn wuz Kristi Noem. All other Guvs sucked ... Including DeSanctis... I remember havin ta wear that friggin mask while in hiz State . Fargen sucked. I will say a prayer fer u. That u might lern to accept others, or at the vry leest, improve ur tolernce of otherz

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I am CONSTANTLY stunned by the gross ignorance of those who criticize Trump.

As a kid raised in politics and a once DEM Senate page, I saw how the sausage was made.


No one except GOD HIMSELF could do the job of president as some of these fools think it should be done. Regular humans, even exceptionally brilliant ones like Trump have to (say it with me) DELEGATE.

And what, boys and girls, is it that they have to delegate? hmmm???

(And the answer is...) "ALMOST EVERYTHING"! Yes, you slandering dim bulbs. There is NO POSSIBLE WAY for anyone to know the hidden facts and data about one-one-thousandth of the stuff they have to deal with.

Let's take the covid fiasco. What in all of Trump's bio makes any of these fools believe that he could have or should have known a single thing about any of it?

And when, exactly, in his wide-open schedule was he supposed to spend the countless hours it required to get online and learn the stuff we know>

And WHY would he have the slightest reason to believe that the scientists from the WHO, CDC, FDA, etc would lie their asses off to him?

Covid was one of COUNTLESS fires, great and small, the man had to try and get under control every freaking day. And guess what...HE HAD TO DELEGATE. He had to trust advisors WHO BTW, also wouldn't know a virus from a walrus.

You arrogant pseudo-intellectuals who act like Trump knowingly colluded with these WHO-CDC scum are lairs just like they are. The very man Trump appointed as the White House go-between realized right after Biden took over how he had been conned and wrote a book about it. HE was a medical doctor and HE WAS CONNED. What possible reason would he have to believe the crap they fed him was untrue?

Politics at the executive level is like a massive game of telephone. There are so many voices and so much extraneous crap that the top guy has to have gatekeepers to remain sane.

And guess what? Sometimes those guys have their own agenda. Sometimes they owe other powerful entities favors so they push their boss a certain way. And there is almost nothing that can be done about this. Humans are flawed and corruptible and often easily fooled.


If you have the integrity to admit all of the above is true then you are a true intellectual rather than the pseudo variety. All of it is true and every person who has ever been in politics will verify it.

Only those who'd rather blame and hate will deny it. They are liars as bad as the CDC and WHO.

So to you few honest and honorable I'd like you to think about this:

Literally, everything Trump did showed he loved America and loved its people. There was NEVER a US leader more abused and vilified and almost without an exception it was all lies.

Think if you were a father who loved your kids more than yourself. You'd do anything for them. And some wicked sick people manipulated you into giving them shots they didn't need and it killed and injured some of them. Maybe millions of them and their cousins around the world. How desperately would you want to hold on to the idea that you were not at fault? Many parents would sink into darkness and depression, many would off themselves, and some would just refuse to face it because they knew the mental impact would be too great. And those handlers around them, the ones who really cared for them, would do everything in their power to insulate them from the mind-breaking truth.

I feel sorrier for DJT about this than for everything else he endured in office. And I think I'd want to keep it from him too...because we do need him.

It would take a man of GOD-like character and inner strength to face the truth of being a puppet of big pharma and the rest of that hellbent cabal. I've been a minister for almost 5 decades and I don't think I could bear it...could you? He does not bear any of the blame because he was never once presented with the idea that it was all lies.

Remember you lying judgemental fools that the ENTIRE medical field was telling us over 6 people out of every 100 were gonna die at the outset. "20 MILLION people are gonna die and it is YOUR FAULT MR PRESIDENT IF YOU DON"T DO WHAT WE TELL YOU TO!" "You'll go down in history as America's Hitler!"

If you think things exactly like that were not dangled over his head then you are a moron.

And again, who exactly was there to tell him differently?

Look, if you want to hate on Trump then at least be honest about it and about your criticisms.

Have a little compassion for the man who did an incredible string of wonderful deeds for the American people and tried to do MUCH more that the left and RINO thwarted....all while being lied about by all of the media, Hollywood, most teachers, and the too large percentage of Americans who live with their heads where the sun don't shine (CNN-MSNBC-ABC-NBC...etc etc).

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Ha... U r waisting ur time... Like me writin' now? Me A read nek doode .. Im vry soory I cant rite gooder

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I appreciated what you have done for righteousness. The Lord with you. Is it righteous, what you are doing against the good man Ron DeSantis? No.

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