Being that "Deep Throat" turned out to be an FBI supervisor it might follow that the FBI along with the liberal establishment finally got their opening to sink Nixon by spinning the Watergate incident into a much bigger deal than even Nixon could not control. He had NO advanced knowledge of their intentions and thought hiding the outcome was just a political act to avoid bad publicity and more leftist hectoring. Turned out he was out flanked by the FBI and Washington Post acting in concert to sink his Presidency. They all went on steroids in their attempt to "get" Trump but somehow their plot was untangled after a few years and much internet sleuthing. Still NOT one corrupt FBI agent has been arrested or indicted for their part in the false surveillance warrants and bogus newspaper leaks that hamstrung a POTUS for his entire term. The left plays very dirty and for keeps.

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More news that continues to show that the three letter agencies have never been about law and order! Even though some of the players are dead there are many others still alive and undermining the US now. It continues to prove the CIA has always been a rogue criminal enterprise and needs disbanded and all their thugs imprisoned. We are being destroyed from within and by these corrupt three letter agencies. So when do we stop all these traitors from destroying American and so many innocent Americans. Our FBI, DOJ, DOD and even the FDA and CDC are never to be trusted again. It’s hard to believe there is one honest American working within them especially after the last three years. God help us and give us strength to find and implement the solutions to stop them and punish them once and for all!

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Deep Throat was Mark Felt who was the next in line to replace J Edgar Hoover. Nixon knew that Felt was corrupt, therefore he chose L Patrick Gray instead. Felt was the egomaniac "G Man", and vowed to undermine the Nixon presidency. Watergate was the brain child of John Dean, Jeb Magruder and G Gordon Liddy. Nixon failed to fire those involved as he was unaware of the 3rd rate break-in. The cover up was based on foolish loyalty to these jack wagons. Great President made a poor decision.

The irony of the whole thing was that 6 years after his resignation, Nixon was the special witness that testified to commute Felt's prison sentence of 10 years for unauthorized covert FBI operations.

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This explains Ford pardon of Nixon.

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Funny story Jamie Gorelick worked with Hillary Rodham on the Nixon impeachment, after impeachment Nixon hired Gorelick to "help him secure his papers".

I thought JG was a Clinton minion, I was wrong the Clinton's were JG minions.

JG went on to sack Fannie Mae (and America) as Vice chair 1998-2003, before that she was the FNM ethics attorney.

FNM funded a congressional warchest to fund criminal invasion and protect mortgage fraud on a multi-trillion dollar scale taxpayers were eventually forced to bail out (2008 collapse, $7trillion bailout) on top of that FNM cooked the books to fund the FNM Foundation, another congressional bribery warchest.

JG was Jeffery Epsteins boss, search the Epstein flight logs keyword "JG", JG shows up on 24 pages of flight logs, more than 100 flights. https://epsteinsblackbook.com/flights

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Very intriguing Mr. Stone. 🧐

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The CIA was created and staffed by Rockefeller relative Allen Dulles.

The Watergate Caper, the coup d'etat that knocked President Nixon out of the White House, was carefully engineered by the two agents for the House of Rockefeller shown above. It is now known that Henry Kissinger (left) was responsible for creating the Plumbers squad in the first place, while the instant General," Alexander Haig (right), made sure that the most incriminating evidence on the tapes was given in advance to the men investigating his boss!

For ten years Kissinger had been Nelson Rockefeller's personal foreign policy advisor. Altogether Richard Nixon staffed his Administration with over 115 CFR members. (The complete list is contained in the author's Richard Nixon: The Man Behind The Mask.) The vast majority of these remain in the Ford-Rockefeller.


Nelson Rockefeller has admitted that his goal in life since he was a child has been to be President of the United States.

"After all" he admitted, "when you think of what I had, what else was there to aspire to?"

He has a point there.

Newsweek of September 2, 1974 tells us:

"Ever since his boyhood meeting with Teddy Roosevelt, it seems, 'Nelson Rockefeller had been propelling himself toward the Oval Office. Nothing less would suit his ambition. . . "

But the road to the White House for Nelson has been, if you will pardon the expression, rocky. He has had to settle for an un-elected and politically engineered Vice Presidency, a position at which he had previously turned up his nose several times.

Nelson's first attempt at the Presidency came in 1960, shortly after his election as governor of New York Richard Nixon had been Vice President for eight years, however, and had spent much of the time making speeches for the COP. In 1960, he collected his political, IOUs from the majority of party activists and Rockefeller had no chance of getting the nomination. Where Rocky found he could not win the actual nomination. He moved to dictate policy from behind the scenes. A meeting was thus arranged between Rockefeller and Nixon on the Saturday before the Republican Convention opened in Chicago.

The Republican Platform Committee had been meeting for an entire week, laboriously pounding out a platform reflecting the views of party members from all fifty states.


Years ago, Nelson Rockefeller reportedly demanded, and received, the privilege of naming his men to top administrative posts on all important Republican committees-including the vital National, Senatorial, Congressional, and Policy committees. The effect on the Republican Party is all too (perfectly) clear. It has been reliably estimated that over the years the Rockefellers have placed at least five thousand persons in important positions at the highest levels of the federal government. The Rockefeller influence and authority now runs the top Civil Service bureaucracy, thereby transcending the administrations of mere Republicans and Democrats.*

Having a big stake in an internationalist foreign policy, the Rockefellers always make sure that the Secretary of State and the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) are "their boys". Marshall, Acheson, Dulles, Herter, Rusk and Kissinger have all labored to turn the backward Soviet Union into a creditable power to force the Great Merger, while at the same time fighting wars to make the world safe for Standard Oil. The CIA has served as the State Department's and Standard Oil's enforcement arm, destroying genuine anti-communist movements around the world.* (Chile seems to be the one exception. Apparently the Rockefellers did not care to lose their holdings in that nation.)


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There has been much speculation among the "conspiracy theorists" for decades regarding the "who". More interesting is "Who paid for that assassination" and "Why"?

“On June 4, 1963, a little-known attempt was made to strip the Federal Reserve Bank, a privately owned bank, of it’s power to loan money to the government at interest. On that day President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order No. 11110 that returned to the U.S. government the power to issue currency, without going through the Federal Reserve. Mr. Kennedy’s order gave the Treasury the power “to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury.” This meant that for every ounce of silver in the U.S. Treasury’s vault, the government could introduce new money into circulation. In all, Kennedy brought nearly $4.3 billion in U.S. notes into circulation. The ramifications of this bill are enormous.


Addditionally, sources allege that one of the New York mafia families facilitated the assassination of President Kennedy with payment going through a subsidiary of the Bank of England.

Given the 250+ year battle by private banking, which has deliberately caused every recession and depression-including the recession of the 1930's, 2008, and the current recession of 2022-23-to control the currency and credit of the United States, these allegations seem plausible.

Most people don't understand that "money" is only created by loans made. America's economy is a gold standard debt induced monetary system. The ONLY way new money is created is through debt and the borrowing power of the US government is secured through the income tax.

Presidents Jefferson, Jackson, Harding, and Lincoln all freed American from the control of private banks and every time, members of Congress with huge campaign debts to a national bank, reversed these Presidential attempts to free America from long term debt. President Jackson is the only President to actually pay off the entire national debt.

The bodies of the 2 shooters that assassinated President Kennedy have never been discovered because they were cremated. We also know that the CIA deliberately framed Oswald.

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Just think Nixon went after Katie Meyer Graham, Jack Anderson and Brookings Institute. All three people/institutions were Rothschild agents working in the United States. Nixon also ordered Israeli Arms Smuggler and Howard Hughes handler Hank Greenspun's safe cracked.

People get stuck at the CIA when looking at the assassination. The CIA and Naval Intelligence are only halfway up the poisonous tree. Helms, Dulles and Angleton we're ALL Israeli/Rothschild agents. Angleton even stated they were on a Satanic Quest and would all soon burn in hell.

Going one step above the CIA- look no further than Mi5/Mi6. Mountbatten was the Quarterback making the call with his handler and nuclear thief Solly Zuckerman in ordering JFK's execution. Final green light given by Mountbatten and Zuckerman in Jacksonville, Florida September 20, 1963. Oh and the luxury hotel where the meetings took place burned down in December 1963.

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Leverage is a game that is as old as politics itself but becoming more and more desperate. Who has the most leverage along with control of the press usually determines the winner. The current top secret documents debacle is a perfect example of the depths of this intrigue. Saying that Biden and his sycophants were "sloppy" is ridiculous. Carlson alluded to this without specifics. There is no sloppiness here. What we are seeing here is old fashioned leverage being used. It's no surprise to anyone that Biden is a loser in 2024. Unexpectedly, Biden is not getting the message to ease out of the running to allow a more attractive candidate to rise. Being an old pro at this kind of play, Biden, along with other high powered folks have their share of "aces in the hole", usually in the form of documents or informants

always at the ready should the knives come out. As Biden tries to flex to threaten a run in 2024, the powers to be have now pulled their ace and opened up a document investigation, perhaps the documents he took as his own insurance policy. As evidenced by the front page headlines in WP and NYT, it appears that it is the deep state that has Biden by the short hairs here. Just as Nixon may have thought otherwise, Biden has crossed the wrong folks. It remains to be seen whether Biden has the wisdom to slink away while he can, a la Nixon, or meet the fate of JFK and Epstein.

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So President Gerald Ford was not the nice, simple, innocent Michigander we thought he was, but was part of the "deep state" and doing whatever they requested by altering evidence!

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Great find, Roger! I had always wondered what Watergate was all about, now I know that it was a multi-hybrid affair but this was really the heart of it . . . and the over-hyped Woodward and Bernstein team really missed the "truth" boat.

Congrats on your great substack site!

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Decades ago, my research showed that Richard Nixon was in Dallas the day of the JFK assassination, he flew out but a few hours before. The CIA had an office a few blocks away from the assassination, an office that Lee Harvey Oswald had been seen at many times. The real assassination took place from the grassy knoll, men that looked a lot like Halderman and Erickman, Nixon's men, were photographed on the grassy knoll. Yea, there might be a good chance Nixon knew who did the assassination.

Just a year or so ago, I read an account by then VP Johnson's girl friend (now deceased) in which she claimed that Johnson told her the night before the assassination that, "I won't have to deal with that ass hole much longer."

I still remember watching TV as Johnson was being sworn in as president on the plane taking Kennedy's casket home. Jackie still had her blood soaked dress on, she was on one side of the casket, Johnson directly across from he, starring in his eyes she clearly said "Look what you have done." Yes, live television and I saw it as clear as day.

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Why is there no mention of the 54/12 group?

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