Being that "Deep Throat" turned out to be an FBI supervisor it might follow that the FBI along with the liberal establishment finally got their opening to sink Nixon by spinning the Watergate incident into a much bigger deal than even Nixon could not control. He had NO advanced knowledge of their intentions and thought hiding the outcome was just a political act to avoid bad publicity and more leftist hectoring. Turned out he was out flanked by the FBI and Washington Post acting in concert to sink his Presidency. They all went on steroids in their attempt to "get" Trump but somehow their plot was untangled after a few years and much internet sleuthing. Still NOT one corrupt FBI agent has been arrested or indicted for their part in the false surveillance warrants and bogus newspaper leaks that hamstrung a POTUS for his entire term. The left plays very dirty and for keeps.

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Jan 13, 2023·edited Jan 13, 2023

We know it was an Israeli Mossad operation just like the USS Liberty and 9/11.

See Michael Collins Piper - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2utTWSdq8YY

"You will own nothing, and you will be happy" - https://files.catbox.moe/fn7i24.jpg

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Hey Jim you need to up your meds considerably, vehement anti semites like you blame the Jews for everything as a reaction to your own pathetic miserable life.

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Hey spiteful Terry, when did Jim blame Judean supremacists for the big lie found in Article VII of "this Constitution"? Or for the awkward insinuation in another big lie, the preamble, that "Justice" had not yet been established as of 17 Sept., 1787?

Since you like unsolicited advice so much, here is some for you. CHANGE your meds to something effective for treating your NPD.

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I’m not anti-Semite, I’m anti-Zionist. Learn the difference. The Palestinians are living under an ILLEGAL occupation, in contravention of international law. Educate yourself.


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Funny how nobody talks about Hamas when addressing Palestian issues.

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See http://www.truedemocracy.net/w01/10.html for who created Hamas and why. Scroll down until you see Hamas. This is my Did You Know? feature which are tidbits of truth.


Arlene Johnson



To access the rest of my work, click on the icon that says Magazine.

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Nice try, the propaganda sheet that you forwarded citing “statistics “( lies, damn lies & statistics)

Fails to address the fact that the stats on incidence of the deaths of Palestinian civilians reflects the fact that Hamas & Hezbollah deliberately place their rockets & artillery that fire into Israeli villages, in schools & hospitals to facilitate deaths of civilians when there is justified retribution by the IDF. You place a moral equivalence of drugged lunatics wearing explosive vests going into pizza parlors killing civilians with IDF pre-emptive military actions against terrorism that result in collateral damage. The IDF take the greatest precautions of any military in the world against collateral damage of civilians. Yes I understand the difference, but it’s a false narrative. The Jews that you like let me guess Bernie Sanders self hating Jewish atheist marxists. If you want to read something read “the case for Israel” by Dershowitz.

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So true. My daughter who was denouncing the state of Israel and how they treat the Palestinians had no idea who Hamas was when I brought it up (she's currently in College). That taught me quite a bit

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The NRA are a bunch of surrender monkeys, try GOA.

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Sheesh! 🙄 Every time someone dares say something against Isra-hell, they get labeled an, “anti-Semite.” It’s getting old. 🤦‍♀️ Just proves your lack of understanding and ignorance on the matter.

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Your little quip of “ Isra-hell “ showed your hand, maybe you and Jim can get together & form a bund, but please , please, don’t reproduce.

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Stone believes Alexander Hague was Deep Throat.

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Hague was not a 5 star General. The last one was a WWII general promoted post WWII.

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So do I.

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Perhaps J6 should have occurred at Langley or the FBI???

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There would have been more murders besides for Ashli Babbit.

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Nixon's conversations with Chiefs of Staff Haldeman and Erlichman have been public knowledge for almost 50 years! These "new" disclosures are just breadcrumbs thrown to the public that the intelligence and law enforcement agencies of this nation are "doing their jobs". It now appears that "doing their jobs" means protecting themselves and their superiors from prosecutions.

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Close but Felt wasn't Deep Throat. Moynihan was Deep Throat.

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Since Felt, Woodward and Bernstein all publicly agreed it was Felt who was "Deep Throat" you might let us know the source for your assertion. Given the deception by the individuals involved in this soft coup I would guess anything is possible.

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I'm the source.

But if you want to follow along, and not rely on "agreements" between interested and compromised persons, here ya go.

Deep Throat had to know about the taping system Felt would not have known.

Alexander Butterfield (acknowledged CIA plant in the White House) installed the taping system in February 1971, just as Moynihan was leaving. Nixon wanted it installed to preserve records for his memoirs as a statesman, the Disraeli that moynihan had encouraged him to be. Hence the need for a recording system especially after Moynihan's departure, the lone intellectual in the Nixon WH. Moynihan's departure was caused -- arranged -- due to Leon Panetta's leak of the benign neglect memo. Distraction to call Moynihan a racist (just as with the Moynihan report leak in 65.) Leaked at Moynihan's instruction. Lenzner involved here too, whose son is now CoS to Wray head at FBI.

Moynihan's nightly drinking buddy was Alexander Butterfield, who kept up with Moynihan -- I have it in the diaries -- after he left the WH. Would have told Moynihan about taping system. Indeed Moynihan was in and out of WH from 71-73.

Moynihan was in India from Feb 73-74, safely out of country during watergate hearings. His involvement is the firewall that as had to be protected at all costs. He traveled back to DC four times in his first 8 months in India. Could be then that he met with Woodward, whose last physical meeting with Deep throat was apparently either in May 73 or first week in Nov 73.

Moynihan was the deep penetration Mole Angleton was hunting, however legitimate that hunt may have been. His cover -- his cut-out -- was John N. McMahon, DDCIA 82-86. CIA 1951-86. It's his papers in the LoC that are the "Vault with a vault within a vault" that Eric Olson referred to in Wormwood. Moynihan/McMahon ran CORONA out of Tregaron 61-65. ELINT.

I hope you agree that it makes sense that Moynihan/McMahon being so prevalent an obvious source for Woodward in Veil (1987) that he would have been the earlier source too. McMahon absent for the CIA records by and large during this period. [CORRECTION: NEWL RELEASED CIA DOCS REVEAL HE HEADED ELINT UNDER CUSHMAN.] Basically disappears during Watergate, disappears during Vietnam. Just like Moynihan.

Moynihan's counterpart in USSR was Alexander Yakovlev.

On the way back from the Nixon funeral, in 1994, Elliot Richardson the AG who refused to fire Cox leading to the Halloween massacre, said to those in attendance aboard AF1, including Moynihan that it had been's Moynihan's Disraeli line to Nixon that caused him to install the taping system and as a result Moynihan had caused Watergate and thus the resignation.

Moynihan was safely in India during Watergate hearings. Moynihan's name never came up during Watergate investigation, even though he had hired the Plumbers and Krogh etc.


Hunt's safe, which the FBI raided, contained forged cable trying to link Kennedy to Diem assasination to pin on Kennedy. Also included was cable from from Bangkok bureau chief in 1971 about N Vietnam troop movements in South. That was a TIME internal cable. How did it get in Hunt's safe? These were the documents that Pat Grey was supposed to burn. What's the significance? Look at SON TAY PRISON RAID, Lom Son 719 and Easter Offensive and final Peace Accords terms. Otherwise, "You'll have to figure that at on your own."

Moynihan meets with CIA director Vernon Walters in Jan 73.

Most important it had been Moynihan who hired Hunt and Liddy at the WH in 69, ostensibly to shut down the heroin from Turkey. Moynihan writes in private letter, "for close hold" that he was responsible for Watergate. But he tries to come up with a bureaucratic explanation-- things got out of control as they would for men like hunt and liddy given too much power. Says Watergate not result of Imperial presidency but a weak one. Shutting down the heroin from Turkey, which was mob-run -- The French Connection -- was designed to eliminate the competition for the CIA heroin smuggling from the Golden triangle. That same operation then shifted to Iran-Contra (guns for cocaine to Mena) then to Afghanistan guns to the taliban for opium. Now that synthetic opium for china is flooding the rural areas of US no more need for organic smack.

There's more. It was Kay Graham that wanted Moynihan to go after crime in the district as the city was burning from the annual riots by 69. Wanted Nixon to bring in federal troops. They used the plumbers to infiltrate heroin operations there as cover for larger Operation CHAOS activities including surveillance. It was the Podestas that leaked the Canuck memo sabotaging their own campaign.

Moyninan knew Ellsberg before Pentagon Papers break-in.

Reagan, Clare Boothe Luce, and Bill Webster.

Clare Boothe Luce had funded the Plumbers both before the break-in and after for the defense fund. She was rewarded with seat on PFIAB.

Webster then an obscure federal judge was rewarded with FBI and the CIA from 1978-1993 or so.

Reagan became president after removal of old baggage of Nixon and the red scare. New more modern conservatism of Buckley and Moynihan fusionism. That will be important as the Mole (MOYNIHAN) rises in the Reagan years. No taint of past spy troubles from early cold war. Buckley wanted Moynihan as VP.

But first had to have Carter in to screw things up so bad so Reagan would be a shoe in. TIME made Carter president.

Gorey/Woodward/TIME, 1976

Woodward: "He [Deep Throat] has a career in government."

Felt was out of the FBI by '76, and soon to be under criminal indictment. Was there a condition of his pardon by Reagan/Meese that he assume the Deep Throat role?

See also, regarding the artfully-titled Vanity Fair article on Deep Throat, "I'm the guy THEY called Deep Throat":


It get's worse, and I can go on and on and on ...

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And that's why Moynihan chaired Intelligence Committee after Church hearings. Fox guarding the hen house. Moynihan was effectively CIA director the entire time (read '73-86 and beyond).

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He was the source for Hersh's scoops which removed Angleton. Critical to note that those 1970s disclosures about 1950s-60s abuses were only helping Moynihan take the reims of the Agency.

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And virtually anyone of any political importance in Washington already knows this.

Just as an example, why do you think Woodstein have gone so silent on their twitter feeds?

And this is what is in the docs at Mar-A-Lago, or what FBI and NARA were looking for anyway.

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Who was Al Wong?

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McCord's Secret Service friend who installed the microphones and taping system in the White House. But you already knew that.

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And whatever became of Captain Edmund Chung who testified about meeting with Carl Shoffler?

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Reagan was in Los Angeles meeting with Nixon campaign honchos Mitchell, Magruder, Mardian. for a Hollywood fundraiser.

Several persons had apartments at the Watergate who have interesting connections to Watergate. One is journalist Connie Lawn, daughter of Harvard law ‘37 alum Howard Lawn who was disbarred and spent a year in prison in connection room w a Mafia sugar racket. She knew and worked with Philip Mackin Bailley and was interviewed by the FBI April 1972. In her memoir Connie also mentions having an affair “with the attorney general” and sexual incidents with Wilbur Mills and John Sparkman. Phil Bailley mentions Connie Lawn in a Colodny interview from 1990.

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"Reagan was in Los Angeles meeting with Nixon campaign honchos Mitchell, Magruder, Mardian. for a Hollywood fundraiser."

"Clare Booth Luce, thank you. She really was a very good friend. I was at a private dinner with President Reagan the night the lights went out in the Watergate. She and Bill Simon raised money for their defense, and I thought that was a good thing. It wasn’t a question; they were entitled to it. From time to time I’ve contributed money on the CIA side when similar things happened, to provide defense. I thought they were entitled to a defense even though with some of them I had personally participated in the disciplinary process. But as long as it wasn’t for individuals, as long as it was a fund, I was comfortable.

They had raised a defense fund for these fellows. I know they were both reasonably close to President Reagan, probably had an opportunity to weigh in on what they had done. I never was close enough to the issues. I think investigations were over."


Clare Boothe Luce had funded the Cubans -- my young Cubans she called them -- since Bay of Pigs. https://www.maryferrell.org/php/cryptdb.php?id=AMHINT-5

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In '75 Luce called Colby at CIA. She said, "The night of the assassination, right after Oswald was caught, one of my boys telephoned me from New Orleans. Didn't I ever tell you this?

Mr. Colby: No.

Mrs. Luce: It was the captain of my boat. It seems that after the missile crisis a period of about a year had gone by -- he said that all the young Cubans involved profoundly in all of this had been told to scatter and scram, that he and two of my other lads.

Mr. Colby: When, after the crisis?

Mrs. Luce:.. (Yes.) (were told) to leave Miami.

Mr. Colby: In 1962?

Mrs. Luce: Yes. They were to stop their efforts to free Cuba; and if they did not, they would be deported. It has a very interesting end involving you. In any event, this one had been told to leave Miami after the missile crisis was over, and he had opened a cell in New Orleans. He telephoned me to- tell me that Oswald was -- I am telling you what his view was -- was a hired gun:; Oswald had tried to penetrate their little cell; that they turned around and did a counterpenetration job on Oswald."


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Attached from the recent December 2022 CIA CREST upload are:

1. A 1971 memo from John N. McMahon (Moynihan), then Director of ELINT, to DDCI Cushman regarding Gary Powers, whom McMahon/Moynihan had debriefed after his return to USA. Recall Cushman would be a significant witness during Watergate, testifying before the Ervin Committee regarding Agency contacts with Hunt.


2. An in-house chronology of Watergate, encompassing the wider, proper understanding of the break-in as part of a vast expansion of intelligence activities, ostensibly stemming, during the Nixon administration at least, from the effort to "combat" drug trafficking and radical groups. (It had actually begun before, and has never stopped.)

Entry one, dated July 9, 1970, concerns Moynihan and Tom Huston "thinking well of the memorandum on 'Black Radicalism in the Caribbean.'" The entries spiral downhill from there you might say.


3. A memo regarding TIME magazine reporter Sandy Smith investigating Robert Bennett and Howard Hunt and the Mullen & Co. PR firm. My hunch is that the last two redactions at paragraph 18 obscure the name McMahon. If so, it would be McMahon (i.e., Moynihan) that had urged Bennett to hire Hunt at Mullen & Co. Not coincidentally, I think Sandy Smith's enquiries on the subject of who had hired Hunt at Mullen & Co. was more or less shut down by TIME and the agency shortly after this memo. (The memo indicates that The Washington Post had already done so, contrary to the myth of its dogged persistence by "Woodstein.") Indeed, it's around this time that Smith was eased out as TIME's correspondent on the subject. By '74, TIME would call allegations of CIA involvement in Watergate "Chuck Colson's crazy theory."


4. Relatedly, another memo indicates on the routing slip on the second page that the secretary to another TIME correspondent, Hays Gorey, was a former Agency employee. The point being that TIME was effectively an Agency adjunct.


The December 28, 2022 uploads to the CIA CREST database include many revealing documents regarding Agency desire to frustrate requests by Senator Howard Baker and counsel Fred Thompson, for example; it's quite evident that Thompson's Democratic counterpart Terry Lenzner was far and away an Agency favorite. Lenzner would then turn around and represent Gottlieb re MKULTRA.

I suspect that the reason behind the release is to, quietly and gently, begin to let out that a lot of the firewalls -- THE firewall, in fact -- of the Watergate story has cracked, to lessen the impact any forthcoming reporting may have by implying that much of the underlying information had already been publicly released. The possibility of Congressional investigation by the new Church Committee may also have contributed.

Any new Church committee must be willing to go where the facts lead and just as importantly prevent recommended reforms from, again, leaving the fox guarding the henhouse.

Abolish FISA/The FISC.

The root problem is the secrecy system itself; until that's destroyed the club of the insiders will continue to dictate to the rest. And their survival requires that those who step out of line, or become a risk, or become no longer useful, be culled. Secrecy requires the system to eat its own, eventually but inevitably, as truth comes out.

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Hays Gorey would become the ghost-writer for John Dean’s wife Maureen Kane Owen Biner Deanand later tried (and failed miserably) to debunk the book Silent Coup.

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"installed the taping system in February 1971, "

You mean a Radio Shack $3.95 "suction cup" with a magnetic induction transformer on the phone handle? LOL!!!!

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You have proved that you are the source; I just wanted to add that Jimmy Carter was invited to be in the Trilateral Commission by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski who then used Time magazine to put Carter into the White House. See what happened after that by reading http://www.truedemocracy.net/w01/3.html It's research I performed the last quarter at UCLA for a professor of political science. This link is a simplification of that research. This is history that Americans have been denied by the way.


Arlene Johnson



To access the rest of my work, click on the icon that says Magazine.

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"It was Kay Graham that wanted Moynihan to go after crime in the district as the city was burning from the annual riots by 69. Wanted Nixon to bring in federal troops. They used the plumbers to infiltrate heroin operations there as cover for larger Operation CHAOS activities including surveillance. "


para 2


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Hunt's safe and (failed) Son Tay POW Prison Raid.


Tape 888, Conversation 4 (888-004b)

Date: March 27, 1973


Tape Subject Log

(rev. July-2010)

-Dealings with Hunt

-Memos from Colson

-Knowledge of break-in




-Investigation of leaks

-National security

-President’s T.V. appearance


Wounded Knee occupation

-Shooting of US marshall

-American Indians


-Kissinger’s reaction

-Necessity for action

-Precedent setting

-Future trouble


-Underground groups

-Ehrlichman [?]

-Use of tear gas

-Logistics problem


-Use of troops

-Size of force

-Shultz’s recommendation

-Diversionary measures

-Vietnam War

-Son Tay prison raid




[National security]

[Duration: 12s]



Tape Subject Log

(rev. July-2010)




-Success of operation

-Reluctance of military



-Need to control


-Independent commission

-Dean’s opinion

-Other investigation


-Meeting with Ehrlichman


The President and Haldeman left at 10:55 am.

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Butterfield was the USAF-CIA liaison in Australia under ambassadors Ed Clark and William Crook, both very close to LBJ. Interesting that Moynihan and Butterfield were drinking buddies.

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Yes. See Pine Gap and John McMahon. But Butterfield's relationship to Moynihan/McMahon goes back further than that, to Bay of Pigs.

"By late 1964, Butterfield was detailed to the policy directorate of war plans in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. There his duties included counterinsurgency planning and management of the program that resettled Cuban veterans of the Bay of Pigs invasion. This latter project Butterfield inherited from his new colleague at the Pentagon: Lt. Col. Alexander Haig."


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Gilpatric had been steering Nixon and Haldeman toward Felt in the first place, as discussed in the Oct 19, 1972 tapes, to throw Nixon off any trail that might lead to the real Deep Throat (Moynihan). See Max Holland, https://www.washingtondecoded.com/site/2009/11/richard-nixons-own-deep-throat.html. No defense of Holland intended here, but he did get that part -- that Gilpatric was pointing Haldeman/Ehrlichman/Nixon to Felt -- correct. The question is why. The answer, again, both then and now, is to throw off any identification of the real Deep Throat.

"However, in addition to being presented in sworn testimony, the Time-Gilpatric leak was alluded to during a February 16, 1973 tape-recorded meeting of President Nixon, FBI acting director Gray, and senior White House adviser John Ehrlichman, and again on February 27 during a meeting between the president and John Dean. More likely than not, Gilpatric learned about Felt from John F. Dowd, a former Cravath associate who was the full-time editorial counsel at Time in 1972."


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Well, Edward Jay Epstein is dead, I did get to see him coming out of the Whole Foods at 87th and Third back in July 2023, but he had people walking with him, he smiled at me and waved me off, I could not get him alone to ask about the Life Magazine article.

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You should put all your information into book form for online access.

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I appreciate the sentiment but please realize that's like saying I should put the internet on my website. The problem in other words is too much information. Still, condensing down to a readable form is underway as the time is coming for greater public acceptance and understanding.

This is being fought on many levels, most of which so far have had to be clandestine. Correcting history is not easy.

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Matt Cloud, Hurry up and open your Substack please, you have the best take I have read since Ed Epstein.

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Any takers on why Bob Strauss dropped the DNC suit against Nixon, "even though the depositions in it were a main source — perhaps the single best source — of news about the scandal at the time," according to Sussman.

Note Strauss took over DNC after Watergate; as Connelly's man, had organized Dallas trip in '63.


@2:09:40 and 2:15:40

Strauss discussing Trade Mart security arrangements.

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Maybe Strauss knew fellow Texan James McCord or Lou Russell when they were FBI agents in the 1940s. Interesting that Bob Strauss

memoir The Man to See was originally going to be ghost-written by Peter Ross Range, who was a roommate of Maxie Wells at the time of the Watergate break-ins. Range helped arrange Jimmy Carter’s October 1976 Playboy interview.

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see p. 11 re Robert Bennett of Mullen & Co. having E.B. Williams "kill off" revelations of Agency affiliation in the DNC lawsuit.

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Bob Strauss knew football scout and businessman George Owen, the first husband of Maureen Dean. Maureen was a stewardess for American Airlines and worked the Dallas to Phoenix run. “Mo” had a rich boyfriend in Arizona for a time. Strauss owned at least one radio station in Arizona as part of his Strauss Broadcasting network. In a very interesting interview w Len Colodny, George Owen casually referred to Strauss and Cowboys owner Clint Murchison wrt to Owen’s ties to mystery lady Maureen Dean that surfaced in a Maxine Cheshire column. In the interview w Colodny, Owen refers to lobbyist/fixer/bagman Irv Davidson in a scheme to influence John Dean wrt to the Jimmy Hoffa pardon.

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We had Connelly running Democrats for Nixon in 72 and Strauss, a Connelly man, atop the DNC ...

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And US Ambassador to USSR at end of Soviet Union, when files were leaking over there ... (early 90s) ... Yakovlev accused of being CIA

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You're closer than you may realize. And don't lose track of Bush here, either, who comes into WH as Moynihan leaves. Then the two of them are more or less intertwined frequently at UN, with Moynihan as DCI GHWB's executive assistant in '75-'76.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwXOEFK6Swo @ approx minute 25:22


p. 10, 13, 21

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Outstanding. McCord debriefed Powers as well.



Circle here of McMahon, McCord, William Cotter ...


William Cotter married Virginia Alicia McMahon, a cryptanalyst at Arlington Hall (VENONA), 1949. Spousal immunity? Did Soviets know we had broken their code BEFORE so far publicly acknowledged? I.e. NOT from Weisband but from McMahon/Cotter? IMPORTANT. (Would explain need for mail opening program from '51-'73.



Shils called for a “functional secrecy” that would protect the society from “genuine external danger.”[9] What he feared was secrecy that was not functional but symbolic.

[P]art of the war of fantasy which the pure and good conduct incessantly with corruption and evil until the Last Judgment. The secrecy demanded by ideological extremism in the United States and in Soviet Russia, in Soviet China and in the Soviet satellites is not connected with national security except by the occasion which crises provide for fanatics to focus their excited fantasies.[10]

What Shils did not know, something none of us knew until John M. Deutch in his role as Director of Central Intelligence and a member of the Secrecy Commission made the archive public, was that the United States had by then intercepted and decrypted the text of Soviet cables going back to World War II: the VENONA project. The first such cable was broken by Meredith Gardener in a requisitioned girls’ school, Arlington Hall, not far from the Pentagon on December 20, 1946. It contained a list of the principal scientists at Los Alamos. Looking over Gardner’s shoulder was one William W. Weisband, an Army corporal, a cipher clerk, a spy. By the time Shils published (1956) the United States military and law enforcement agencies knew all about the Soviet attack, or all that they needed to know, and had pretty much rolled up the entire operation.


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...because the dems used the office to buy hookers and order mob hits? I thought EVERYONE knew that as we in the JBS do.

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Presidential Records Act/Archives/NARA.


Press Release ·

Monday, December 5, 2016

"Before joining the Department of Justice in November 2000, he served as Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s legislative assistant for foreign affairs and intelligence matters and as his last legislative director. He co-drafted the legislation that established the Public Interest Declassification Board."


Nov. 3, 2022: "ISOO director to step down next summer."

When were those classified docs at Biden's found? Nov. 2?

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Biden classified doc "discovery" has now served its purpose: to shut down enquiry into the Trump raid.

DOJ reserves right to not cooperate with certain House GOP requests


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"... We have come a long way from those days of frenzied speculation in August 2022 when the news was that the nation's intelligence mavens would conduct a "damage assessment" of the Mar-a-Lago situation. Now, with the benefit of months of experience and hindsight, we know...nothing."

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"The truth is, these are not very bright guys, and things got out of hand."

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"FYI: Thought you and your source might be interested in the attached extract from John's open hearing. This was John's response to Biden that I mentioned. who walked into the hearing with John was Vicky Toensing, SSCI Counsel."

Seeing where this goes?

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With Trump and Biden both trapped in secret document scandals, we're witnessing the self-destruction of the Secrecy system, like Hal9000 in Kubrick's 2001, conflicted by its programming instructions to process information accurately on the one hand and lie and cover-up on the other.


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Once you understand that Moynihan was Deep Throat and, more importantly, that he was John N. McMahon, you've unlocked the vault.

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Surely this is some ChatGPT-like bot posting nonsense claiming Moynihan & McMahon are the same guy. Heck, you're not even using the term 'cut out' correctly.

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Jan 26, 2023·edited Jan 26, 2023

Historically they did not care who won the election since they controlled both parties(Rinos) from the top.

America is "ruled by a single political party:

The CFR has only 3000 members yet they control over three-quarters of the nation's wealth. The CFR runs the State Department and the CIA. The CFR has placed 100 CFR members in every Presidential Administration and cabinet since Woodrow Wilson.

The Council Of Foreign Relations has gained a virtual lock-hold on the U.S. government, regardless of which party is in office. No other organization comes close to boasting the kind of clout that the CFR members have held:

Eight presidents of the U.S.; seven vice presidents; 17 secretaries of state; 20 secretaries of war/defense; 18 secretaries of the Treasury; 15 directors of the CIA. And it has gone throughout the Cabinets, in seriatim — through Democrat and Republican administrations — with hundreds of deputy secretaries, assistant secretaries, etc.



They work together to misinform the President to act in the best interest of the CFR not the best interest of the American People. At least five Presidents (Eisenhower, Ford, Carter, Bush, and Clinton) have been members of the CFR. The CFR has packed every Supreme court with CFR insiders.

The CFR Group on the Biden Team :

Historically they did not care who one the election since they controlled both parties(Rinos) from the top.

Kamala Harris, Vice President (CFR through family; Harvard; DLA Piper; Uber through family)

Antony Blinken, Secretary of State (CFR member; Harvard and Columbia; WestExec)

Janet Yellen, Secretary of the Treasury (CFR member; Yale and Harvard; Brookings)

Lloyd Austin, Secretary of Defense (CFR member; WestExec; Raytheon)

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, UN Ambassador (CFR member; Albright Stonebridge)

Cecilia Rouse, Council of Economic Advisors (CFR director; Princeton; Rowe Price)

Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security (CFR member; Wilmer Hale)

Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor (CFR author; Yale and O

Ron Klain, Chief of Staff (CFR through family; Harvard; O’MelvOxford; Carnegie)eny and Meyers)

John Kerry, Special Envoy for Climate (CFR member; Yale)

Susan Rice, Chief of Domestic Council (CFR member; Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford)

William J. Burns, Director of Central Intelligence (CFR member; Oxford; Carnegie)

Kurt M. Campbell, Indo-Pacific Tsar (CFR member; Harvard and Oxford; Asia Group)

Thomas Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture (CFR member; Dairy Export Council)

Gina Raimondo, Secretary of Commerce (CFR member; Oxford; Point Judith Capital)

Eric S. Lander, Director of Office of Science and Technology (CFR member; Harvard)

Jeffery Zients, Counselor to the President (CFR member; Cranemere)



Below is a list of the Council on Foreign Relations members in the last three Presidential administrations, including Cabinet members, advisers and nominations.


President Barack Obama (Democrat)


John Kerry – Secretary of State (Teresa Heinz Kerry wife of John Kerry is also CFR member)

Timothy Geithner – Secretary of Treasury

Jacob J (Jack) Lew – Secretary of Treasury

Robert Gates – Secretary of Defense

Chuck Hagel – Secretary of Defense (resigned)

Ashton Carter – Secretary of Defense

Tom Vilsack – Secretary of Agriculture

John Bryson – Secretary of Commerce

Penny Pritzker – Secretary of Commerce

Sylvia Burwell – Secretary of Health and Human Services

Ernest Moniz – Secretary of Energy

Janet Napolitano – CFR Staff bio – Secretary of Homeland Security

Jeh Charles Johnson – Secretary of Homeland Security

William Daley – Chief of Staff

Peter Orszag – Director of Office of Management and Budget

Susan Rice – Ambassador to the UN (prior member Trilateral Commission)

Michael Froman – US Trade Representative

Michael Chertoff – US Secretary of Homeland Security (Trilateral Commission member)

Thomas E. Donilon – National Security Adviser (Bilderberg Group)

Cecilia Rouse – Council of Economic Advisers

David Howell Petraeus – 4 star Army General, Director of the CIA 2011 – 2012 (resigned), Commander of United States Central Command 2008 – 2010, Commander of the International Security Assistance Force

Janet Louise Yellen – Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System nominated by Barack Obama

Paul A. Volcker – Chair of the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, prior Chair of Federal Reserve – (member Trilateral Commission)

Henry Kissinger – Secretary of State for President Richard Nixon, adviser to every President since, and a close friend and adviser to Hillary Clinton.


President George W Bush (Republican)


Richard (Dick) Cheney – Vice President

Steve Preston – Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Henry Paulson – Secretary of the Treasury (and worked at Goldman Sachs Founders corporate member)

Robert Gates – Secretary of Defense

Mary Ann Peters – Secretary of Transportation

Condoleeza Rice – Secretary of State

Tommy G. Thompson – Secretary of Health and Human Services

Elaine L Chao – Secretary of Labor

Colin Powell – Secretary of State

Susan C. Schwab – US Trade Representative

Robert Zoellick – US Trade Representative (also Trilateral Commission) – been President of The World Bank, also a managing director of Goldman Sachs, steering committee Bilderberg Group (was a Deputy Secretary of State)

Michael Chertoff – US Secretary of Homeland Security (Trilateral Commission member)

Richard Holbrook – United States Special Envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan (Bilderberg Group)

John Wolfowitz – United States Deputy Secretary of Defense (Bilderberg Group) – President The World Bank

Karen Parfitt Hughes – Councilor to the President

John Bolton – US Ambassador to the United Nations

Brent Scowcroft – United States National Security Advisor

Marc Alexander Thiessen – Speech writer for GWB


President Bill Clinton (Democrat)


Bill Clinton – President (current member 2016)

Chelsea Clinton – daughter (current member 2016)

Note: not listed as a member, speaks at meetings and called New York City branch “The Mothership”. Hillary Clinton – First Lady to President Clinton, Senator, ran for President twice

Lawrence Summers – Secretary of Treasury (also member Trilateral Commission)

Togo D. West – Secretary of Veteran Affairs

William B. Richardson – Secretary of Energy

William M. Daley – Secretary of Commerce

Madeleine Albright – Director Emerita CFR – Secretary of State (also member Trilateral Commission)

William Cohen – Secretary of Defense

Federico F. Peña – Secretary of Energy, Secretary of Transportation

Mickey Kantor – Secretary of Commerce, US Trade Representative

Daniel Glickman – Secretary of Agriculture

Robert Rubin – CFR staff bio – Secretary of the Treasury

William J. Perry – Secretary of Defense

Donna Shalala – Secretary of Health and Human Services

Charlene Barshefsky – US Trade Representative

Lloyd Bentsen (deceased past member – no longer listed)

Richard Holbrook – United States Ambassador to the United Nations (Bilderberg Group)

George Stephanopoulos – White House Director of Communications, Senior Adviser to the President (now major media pundit)

Sidney Blumenthal – Senior Adviser to the President

Rahm Emanuel – Senior Adviser to the President (not listed as CFR member, but his brother, Ezekiel Jonathan “Zeke”, is a member) (later Mayor of Chicago where Barack Obama was from)

Cecilia Rouse – National Economic Council 1998 to 1999

Zoë Baird – CFR Staff bio – nominated by President Bill Clinton as the first woman to be Attorney General of the United States, but she withdrew her nomination over “nannygate”

Bobby Inman – nominated by President Bill Clinton for Secretary of Defense, but he withdrew from consideration

Stephen Gerald Breyer – US Supreme Court Justice nominated

Vernon Jordan – Presidential adviser..

Links:..for each person found here.


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cut·​out ˈkət-ˌau̇t


: an intermediary in a clandestine operation


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Thank you. I'm trying. Epstein and I had the same tutor.


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Was your shared tutor John Taylor Gatto?

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Get out!

I see Epstein on the Upper East Side from time to time out on the sidewalk or in the subway, someday I will get the balls to say hello, I don't like to disturb.

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Ask him why his account of of his 1986 LIFE magazine piece on Yurchenko, as posted on his website, is so different from what LIFE put out on newsstands. (No mention of McMahon in the latter.)


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Just reread this link, I will! I will be on him like white on rice and get back to you!

Great job, I read all your posts here, just great work, thank you!

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What is the first name of the Moynihan you refer to?

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What's the point if you can't figure that out on your own?

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It wasn't the FBI but the masons in the FBI. Open your eyes to the big fat elephant in the global government plot: freemasonry.

The full PLAN exposed:


Gates-WHO: vaccines can’t reduce population, except by murdering

Proof: they were never for reducing mortality, only for murdering!


FREE “wake-up” MOVIES !

15 million watched the first one in 3 days!

Watch as if your lives depended on it: literally!

Share to save lives: not sharing is not caring!


The threat of the WHO sovereignty-grab by the 2023 IHR and 2024 International PLANdemc Treaty: we’ve got until November 2023 for Congress to repeal IHR modifications!


Will Tedros EVER go to JAIL?


30 Spike Protein Treatments (COVID+Vx)


The SUPER drug

Treats 25 viruses, cancer, multiple sclerosis, SPS....


The REAL COVID timeline:

It’s Bio-BOMB, like the vx, not what you were drilled


Bio-BOMB, not “vaccine”, not “gene-therapy”

This 5th gen war, includes a war on semantics.


What do bioweapons have to do with the Department of Energy?

Anybody answering these questions PLEASE ? !!!


Amnesty or JUSTICE:


Doc’s apology? No way!


How to turn the AI into a COVIDIOT:


The 2020 and 2022 rigged and stolen elections (it’s the machines!):



J6: what THEY don't want YOU to know

The fake riot was mason-planned, incited and guided by FBI agents, who broke into the Capitol !!!


Dominion over US

You can’t make this stuff up. Do they laugh in our faces? Was the name Dominion chosen to prove their dominion?


Are we crazy to accept demo-crazy?


It sucks! We need to improve democracy… how about REAL democracy?


Green communism sucked 200 trillion from taxpayers:





Open season for human culling:










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yes, but one CIA operative was put to death as a result of his direct involvement in this murder. his initials are GHWB. And there are more to come.

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I heard Roger say that Alexander Haig was the real deep throat.

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When conservatives finally decide to get dirty, but with the truth, the Dems will meet their match.

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Since the Conservative wing of the GOP has little control over the Republican Party, fighting back is difficult since too many Republicans are really Democrats at heart. But not ONE Democrat is ever a Republican in their ideology. Democrats vote as a bloc with no real independent voting allowed. When ANY Democrat does not vote with the leadership the press immediately attacks them. All the leftist cable stations join in the intimidation. Joe M and the female Senator from Az found out the hard way that independent thinking is verboten and will be punished sometime down the line.

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Yes, and a conservative mode of governing may be impossible in an environment that insists on, and rewards, the new, no matter how destructive. (The news industry would go out of business with stability.) That's really the larger political issue that needs to be resolved, in conjunction with the secrecy. Conservatives end up chasing yesterday's headlines (says the guy who says he's solved the true identity of Deep Throat!), and hearings and investigations and criminal referrals, even if acted upon, are seemingly always second in line in political attractiveness to promises to this or that group, whether the promises are kept or not. Conservatives were tagged with objections to Civil Rights in the 50s and 60s and only shed that when Laffer and Stockman's supply-side economics came along in the 80s. But of course that was living on credit and borrowed time and began the bankruptcy that is now beyond comprehension.

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More news that continues to show that the three letter agencies have never been about law and order! Even though some of the players are dead there are many others still alive and undermining the US now. It continues to prove the CIA has always been a rogue criminal enterprise and needs disbanded and all their thugs imprisoned. We are being destroyed from within and by these corrupt three letter agencies. So when do we stop all these traitors from destroying American and so many innocent Americans. Our FBI, DOJ, DOD and even the FDA and CDC are never to be trusted again. It’s hard to believe there is one honest American working within them especially after the last three years. God help us and give us strength to find and implement the solutions to stop them and punish them once and for all!

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After reading the whole thread I am reminded of my studies in Graco-Roman history in graduate school. Western civilization's history 2500 years ago was no different that the whole Nixon/JFK/CIA drama. Its like a microcosm of thousands of years of murder, corruption, theft and intrigue.

What is astonishing is when it happens in our own time millions believe in established narratives and propaganda intended to distract and onbuscate what is happening. When people demonstrate healthy skepticism the lables come forth...conspiracy theory, fake news, disinformation, cranks, alt-right deniers etc, etc.

Skepticism will always be a necessary ingredient for a healthy democracy regardless of governments attempts to stifle it.

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Very enlightening. Nothing surprising me anymore. Just glad I was raised to question everything and not believe everything you hear on the news and media! After being in elected office for 18 years, I learned that the media doesn’t want to print the truth. They just like spinning the truth, creating lies and causing controversy. I used to work tirelessly to give them all of the information on matters that we wanted our constituents to be informed of. It was impossible to get them to do the right thing.

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After reading the whole thread I am reminded of my studies in Graco-Roman history in graduate school. Western civilization's history 2500 years ago was no different that the whole Nixon/JFK/CIA drama. Its like a microcosm of thousands of years of murder, corruption, theft and intrigue.

What is astonishing is when it happens in our own time millions believe in established narratives and propaganda intended to distract and onbuscate what is happening. When people demonstrate healthy skepticism the lables come forth...conspiracy theory, fake news, disinformation, cranks, alt-right deniers etc, etc.

Skepticism will always be a necessary ingredient for a healthy democracy regardless of governments attempts to stifle it.

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Deep Throat was Mark Felt who was the next in line to replace J Edgar Hoover. Nixon knew that Felt was corrupt, therefore he chose L Patrick Gray instead. Felt was the egomaniac "G Man", and vowed to undermine the Nixon presidency. Watergate was the brain child of John Dean, Jeb Magruder and G Gordon Liddy. Nixon failed to fire those involved as he was unaware of the 3rd rate break-in. The cover up was based on foolish loyalty to these jack wagons. Great President made a poor decision.

The irony of the whole thing was that 6 years after his resignation, Nixon was the special witness that testified to commute Felt's prison sentence of 10 years for unauthorized covert FBI operations.

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Close but Felt wasn't Deep Throat. Moynihan was Deep Throat. That's the meta-secret at the heart of the CIA's 70-year coup.

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Since Bernstein said it was Felt how did Moynihan get dragged into this scandal? Felt never denied he was "Deep Throat" so was he and Bernstein conspiring to cover-up Pat Moynihan's involvement. If so why??

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I don't know what that means: "How he got dragged in." He didn't get dragged in to the scandal, he set it up. If that were "known" that would obviously change the story from one of evil Nixon to one of sabotage, wouldn't it? As to Bernstein and Woodward and Felt, a quick (by no means inclusive) review of some events: 1976 Woodward says Deep Throat has career in government; felt did not by then. Out of gov't and would be under indictment soon after. Felt would be pardoned in '81 by Reagan. The point of watergate was to overturn detente and have the neo-con revolution, the Reagan revolution. Felt was being fingered as a leaker and as the Deep Throat alternate as earlier as 73, principally by Roswell Gilpatric then of TIME, earlier of Kennedy DoD, instrumental in Diem assassination and start of Vietnam. Watergate was very much a TIME/Post/Harriman (i.e. Moynihan) operation, one side of two-prong attack, the other being fall of sell-out of SE Asia. More: there is no independent corroboration of what Woodward and Bernstein say/nothing in Felt's papers for example that confirm his identity. Note also the artfully titled article in Vanity Fair: "I'm the guy they called Deep Throat." Not I was Deep Throat. I think that's discussed here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYIkCPVB8uc

See also regarding Bradlee's problems with the Felt naming https://www.commentary.org/articles/james-rosen/bob-woodwards-sins-omission/

BTW, Bradlee had once said that he wondered if you fed data into a computer, including who was in town at such and such date an alleged meeting was to have occurred, could the computer figure it out. Well, that implies Deep Throat was Not in town all the time.

Felt would not have been hanging around outside Nat security council office in 1969 as woodward claims. Moynihan yes. Felt could not have known of WH taping system; Moynihan yes. Indeed it was put into effect as a result of Moynihan's departure from WH in early 71.

Felt never denied this is true, but he never explicitly stated as much either. And he had dementia. I suspect it may have been as a condition of his pardon that e agreed to assume Deep Throat identity to extent he did. I can go on and on. See here https://twitter.com/realmattcloud/status/1652202477901496320

And generally throughout my feed:


Moynihan, in a never published letter, admits to having brought hunt and liddy and plumbers into WH. The bigger secret, which is why Moynihan's involvement had to be covered-up, is because, he was actually ... ready, the CIA-KGB interlocutor for fifty years. That has, well, vast implications and again, would tend to destroy the popular understanding of history of the second half of the 20th century.


It's a complex story, at first at least, but once the initial conceptual breakthroughs have occurred, everything fits. I hope this has answered you at a basic level but please follow-up with any specific questions.


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And dare I say but there's even a corresponding "proof" if you will, across space and time, encoded into the architecture and geographical placement between DC and Pindar's Corners, NY.


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Just what could be the implications of THAT?

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As a Canadian, I have no "skin in the game", but, for decades been an interested observer of US politics. I generally take the position that everybody is lying to you, especially when politicians are involved. The entire "hate" Nixon narrative never struck me as having any real basis. It's not like he ordered the break-in, and was, evidently, astonished when some of his internal directives were ignored, meaning his public statements were a "cover up". Every politician is corrupt to some degree, but I could never understand why so much scorn was heaped on Nixon (or for that matter Reagan after making peace with the "Evil Empire"). Trump, it appears, was naive enough to think that his de-classifying JFK files would not have consequences. are we seeing a pattern yet?

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As a Canadian, you do have skin in the game. You should be aware that Canada has been integral to the CIA's coup against the U.S. and the West more generally. See here, by way of introduction:


"The facts are that during January 1973, when no one in our country was yet taking "Watergate" seriously, a Miss Renaude LaPointe (member of the Canadian Senate, formerly a distinguished Quebec journalist and one-time Quebec correspondent for Time magazine in Canada) was made aware that the President of the United States would soon be politically destroyed, forced from office, and that much of his administration and many of his supporters would be smeared and incriminated beyond hope of survival. This knowledge was fairly prevalent among some government people in the Canadian capital of Ottawa even earlier than Miss LaPointe's awareness of it -- as early perhaps as the late fall or early winter of 1972. Another member of the Canadian government to hear such rumors or plans was a Mr. Barnett J. Denson (member of Canada's House of Commons, former Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister and former Toronto businessman). If there is a conspiracy to destroy the Presidency (and it probably would not have begun with President Nixon -- Mr. Nixon just happened to be the unfortunate incumbent at the final thrust of the conspiracy), it is possible it is operating out of the safety of Canada where, through carelessness or plan, knowledge of it seemed strong although submerged months before it became a serious matter here."

Q: How would Members of the Canadian Parliament know this?

A: Alexander Yakovlev, Soviet Ambassador to Canada, 1972-1983. The "architect of Perestroika." See also Christopher Story, "New Lies For Old" (Explaining that Perestroika was really an attack against the West).

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Thanks. By no skin in the game, I meant not able to vote in US elections. As for our politicians, while there used to be some well meaning ones who actually got elected, for decades, in all parties, they have been waiters to the ZOG of the USA. Igor Gouzenko`s 1945 defection in Ottawa caused a major crack in what was then the Canada, UK, US Allied partnership. They needed something "new" to patch that up, so they created NATO. Former Liberal Prime Minister Lester Pearson (aka Red Mike) was named by Elizabeth Bentley in 1951 as a source, when he was Minister of Foreign Affairs. Despite his public anti-US rhetoric, he was always a globalist taking orders from his masters. The same goes for Trudeau, v1.0. I believe that every Prime Minister since Pearson has been installed by the cabal.

As for Perestroika, in the early 70s, I was overseas in university where I met several Soviet Russians, Czechs, Slovaks, and a crazy East German woman. While I was not naive enough to believe everything they said, knowing they would have been considered safe due to their families being at home, there were several comments that stuck with me. One was that the old guys would never want another war, because they had lived through WWII and seen the carnage. They were not so sure about the young guys. Gorbachev was a young guy, as was Yeltsin. What did come through loud and clear was an absolute mistrust of anything the US said or agreed to. The same for perfidious Albion. My aunt by marriage was descended from Empire Loyalists purged from the US. Discussions at the Treaty of Paris led the US to agree to pay compensation. When she died 20 years ago, the family was still waiting. The US has reneged on Treaty after Treaty, since its inception. Wilson s 14 Points were the basis of the Armistice - not surrender - of 1918. All of those points were ignored. Later, LLoyd George named Wilson as the fiercest opponent of amending Versailles. While Perestroika may have been an attack, which implies the arms limitations treaties that followed were, Reagan had Lee Wanta destroying the ruble in order to collapse the USSR. Most recently, we find out that literally occupied Germany, along with sock puppet NATO partner France, admitted that they had no intention of implementing the Minsk Accords. It is not even plausible to think that they did that on their own. The ZOGS of NATO continue the US and UK long tradition of failing to live up to Treaties and running coups. No side can claim they have clean hands. but these people just do not stop. It has been my opinion, for decades, that the intelligence services of the so-called Western liberal democracies all report to Mossad and Shin Bet, it is just that with the 5 Eyes it is more obvious. I note that, while there is some excuse for Putin being soft on the Zionists due to their being in positions of influence in Russia, that may be a smokescreen for large parts of the Russian intelligence apparatus being on board with their (((Western))) counterparts.

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As someone knowledge revealed to me: There was a secret agreement between Washington and Moscow in which -- and this is what Iran-Contra was about -- the two nations would arm Israel and the Arabs respectively, but only up to a point, in the Cold War conflict. Neither the US nor Soviets would risk war with each other to rescue their proxies. This is Huntington's "Clash of Civilizations" attempted to be borne out. Or Fukuyama's "The End of History." The sociological understanding is that "organizations in conflict become like one another." That was the intention of the policies.

A related example: Muskie's '72 campaign was sabotaged from within in order that Nixon win so that he -- and the silent majority -- could be defeated politically, forever. That's another of the big secrets that uncovering the truth about Watergate would reveal. The point is that the long term destruction of a major political bloc is more valuable than a short term electoral win. That's why Podesta, who had done same for Muskie, sabotaged HRC in 2016 with the purported "hack" of his emails. They weren't hacked in any real sense. Hillary took a dive, then, and it was hoped Trump would win so that he could be defeated in a more meaningful way, and -- most importantly -- the MAGA idea -- along with him.

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The "secret agreement" would have been Harriman's doing, I reckon.

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Moynihan was able to so confidently state in Secrecy (1998) that Truman was never told of VENONA (Bentley and Chambers, e.g.) because he KNEW having worked as cable clerk at Ruislip AFB in 51. See Krogers and Ruislip. Moynihan/McMahon then in Berlin in 53. Olson. Moynihan/McMahon came up with the term" enhanced interrogation" (torture).

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May 1, 2023·edited May 1, 2023

You have to understand the deep and almost psychotic hatred and long term grudge holding that is a hallmark of leftism. Nixon ran against Helen Douglass in the late 40's for a Congressional seat. He made reference to Ms Douglas having a pink slip or something that implied she was a Communist. Leftists went crazy and marked Nixon for relentless attacks over the years. Just like Trump he set off a type of mental craziness where leftists and liberals just lose every perspective and carry their soul rotting hatred for generations. It is like a flaw in their DNA.

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The deep and psychotic hatred and long term grudge holding is not restricted to "leftism" - a term that, in practice, died decades ago. What you describe is the reaction of ideologues, wherever they fall on the the now outdated political spectrum, but found mainly in the neo-cons and Israel-firsters. They are single issue types that will not tolerate what they see as a threat to their political objectives. There were plenty of anti-Nixon Republicans, just as there are Never Trumpers.

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Might try explaining that to the abortion on demand mob. Those "outdated" terms might rankle you but I can assure you what many really think about the leftist and ANTIFA crowd can be expressed in more modern language but probably not in the comments sections. Were all those anti-Nixon Republicans voting Democrat in 1968 & 1972 when he won big. The Democrats did not have their "election" rigging act together yet.

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Well, using today's terminology, the abortion on demand mob are Nazis, because abortion is a part of the eugenics movement, and the Nazis were into eugenics, just as Margaret Sangster was. The ANTIFA types would be pissed on by Lenin and Trotsky. There is no question they are demented along with being the useful idiots of globalists like Soros. In Nixon's time, Republicans were more loyal to the brand, but still less than the cultist Democrats. As for election rigging, it's been done by both parties forever. Johnson wasn't "Landslide Lyndon" in the 40s and 50s for nothing. It was the Republican Tom Feeney, who was named by Clint Curtis in 2000, as the one who wanted him to create a program to rig elections. According to Curtis the program would do just what Dominion and others were alleged to have done. Politics is dirty business, and no one's hands are clean.

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This explains Ford pardon of Nixon.

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Funny story Jamie Gorelick worked with Hillary Rodham on the Nixon impeachment, after impeachment Nixon hired Gorelick to "help him secure his papers".

I thought JG was a Clinton minion, I was wrong the Clinton's were JG minions.

JG went on to sack Fannie Mae (and America) as Vice chair 1998-2003, before that she was the FNM ethics attorney.

FNM funded a congressional warchest to fund criminal invasion and protect mortgage fraud on a multi-trillion dollar scale taxpayers were eventually forced to bail out (2008 collapse, $7trillion bailout) on top of that FNM cooked the books to fund the FNM Foundation, another congressional bribery warchest.

JG was Jeffery Epsteins boss, search the Epstein flight logs keyword "JG", JG shows up on 24 pages of flight logs, more than 100 flights. https://epsteinsblackbook.com/flights

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Gorelick made millions (25-30) in bonuses working for Fannie Mae. It is interesting that Watergate figures Fred Fielding, Richard Ben-Veniste and apparently Jamie Gorelick were all appointed to the 9/11 Commission.

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Blumenthal was a military aide in the Nixon WH rubbing shoulders w Colin Powell, Bob Woodward, Charles Larson. Did you read an item from Jack Brennan a Nixon Marine aide who said Charles Larson and Stansfield Turner tried to enlist Brennan to report on inside dope as a way to boost career. Turner an old friend and classmate of Jimmy Carter. Texas A & M Colodny collection.

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Turner and the McMahons, John N. and Bernard.

Bernie McMahon was Hersh's source for Olson files in Wormwood. The Vault within a vault with a vault. But who is Bernie McMahpn, really?

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Marie Elise Haldane who “found” the planted bug is the daughter of Lieutenant General Robert Haldane, a West Point ‘47 classmate of Alexander Haig. Both served in Vietnam at roughly the same time. Marie Elise later became a lawyer and represented R Spencer Oliver in a Watergate-related libel case vs journalist Charles Peters around 1990.

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@1:16:30 ... Eric Olson names Bernard McMahon as Hersh's source


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Garland allied himself with his future boss, Jamie Gorelick, when he was elected the only freshman member of a campus-wide committee on which Gorelick also served.


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Garland and Gorelick both protégés of Chicago pol Abner Mikva who became a Clinton mouthpiece.

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Not so funny. HRC was a Goldwater and early Nixon supporter. As Lenzner had been. Panetta wrote the Canuck letter, sabotaging his own campaign. "That," as Deep Throat said, "should tell you quite a lot." Gorelick was keeper of secrets -- from representing Eric Briendel, to Moynihan Secrecy Commission, to 9/11 Commission.

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Panetta on Andrea Mitchell just now saying "we're not protecting our secrets."

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It also appears that, as the congressional oversight committees continue to wait for briefings on the Trump and Biden docs, even the DNI herself may not be cleared to see the information that may be contained in some of the files. Oh my.

"Secrecy is a form of government regulation. As the Commission on Protecting and Reducing Government Secrecy found in 1997, "Excessive secrecy has significant consequences when policymakers are not fully informed, government is not held accountable for its actions, and the public cannot engage in informed debate.""


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"Without precedent in American history," as a commentator on Fox just said.


But why go back only to Reagan?

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Very intriguing Mr. Stone. 🧐

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Jan 14, 2023·edited Jan 14, 2023

The CIA was created and staffed by Rockefeller relative Allen Dulles.

The Watergate Caper, the coup d'etat that knocked President Nixon out of the White House, was carefully engineered by the two agents for the House of Rockefeller shown above. It is now known that Henry Kissinger (left) was responsible for creating the Plumbers squad in the first place, while the instant General," Alexander Haig (right), made sure that the most incriminating evidence on the tapes was given in advance to the men investigating his boss!

For ten years Kissinger had been Nelson Rockefeller's personal foreign policy advisor. Altogether Richard Nixon staffed his Administration with over 115 CFR members. (The complete list is contained in the author's Richard Nixon: The Man Behind The Mask.) The vast majority of these remain in the Ford-Rockefeller.


Nelson Rockefeller has admitted that his goal in life since he was a child has been to be President of the United States.

"After all" he admitted, "when you think of what I had, what else was there to aspire to?"

He has a point there.

Newsweek of September 2, 1974 tells us:

"Ever since his boyhood meeting with Teddy Roosevelt, it seems, 'Nelson Rockefeller had been propelling himself toward the Oval Office. Nothing less would suit his ambition. . . "

But the road to the White House for Nelson has been, if you will pardon the expression, rocky. He has had to settle for an un-elected and politically engineered Vice Presidency, a position at which he had previously turned up his nose several times.

Nelson's first attempt at the Presidency came in 1960, shortly after his election as governor of New York Richard Nixon had been Vice President for eight years, however, and had spent much of the time making speeches for the COP. In 1960, he collected his political, IOUs from the majority of party activists and Rockefeller had no chance of getting the nomination. Where Rocky found he could not win the actual nomination. He moved to dictate policy from behind the scenes. A meeting was thus arranged between Rockefeller and Nixon on the Saturday before the Republican Convention opened in Chicago.

The Republican Platform Committee had been meeting for an entire week, laboriously pounding out a platform reflecting the views of party members from all fifty states.


Years ago, Nelson Rockefeller reportedly demanded, and received, the privilege of naming his men to top administrative posts on all important Republican committees-including the vital National, Senatorial, Congressional, and Policy committees. The effect on the Republican Party is all too (perfectly) clear. It has been reliably estimated that over the years the Rockefellers have placed at least five thousand persons in important positions at the highest levels of the federal government. The Rockefeller influence and authority now runs the top Civil Service bureaucracy, thereby transcending the administrations of mere Republicans and Democrats.*

Having a big stake in an internationalist foreign policy, the Rockefellers always make sure that the Secretary of State and the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) are "their boys". Marshall, Acheson, Dulles, Herter, Rusk and Kissinger have all labored to turn the backward Soviet Union into a creditable power to force the Great Merger, while at the same time fighting wars to make the world safe for Standard Oil. The CIA has served as the State Department's and Standard Oil's enforcement arm, destroying genuine anti-communist movements around the world.* (Chile seems to be the one exception. Apparently the Rockefellers did not care to lose their holdings in that nation.)


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How can it be that Kissinger is still alive? Is he getting special treatment somewhere? If you look at the statistics now, people are dying much younger and life expectancy has been changed rapidly.

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First he never took the co-vid shot, he knew better.

The rich folks are going to Clinics in Austin, Texas for Blood transfusion. You can goggle it and see for yourself. See Science Magizine : Young blood antiaging trail raises questions by Jocelyn Kaiser Aug 1, 2016. - These days it is called "transfusion medicine."

"How young blood might help reverse aging.

Tony Wyss-Coray studies the impact of aging on the human body and brain. In this eye-opening talk, he shares new research from his Stanford lab and other teams which shows that a solution for some of the less great aspects of old age might actually lie within us all...



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There has been much speculation among the "conspiracy theorists" for decades regarding the "who". More interesting is "Who paid for that assassination" and "Why"?

“On June 4, 1963, a little-known attempt was made to strip the Federal Reserve Bank, a privately owned bank, of it’s power to loan money to the government at interest. On that day President John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order No. 11110 that returned to the U.S. government the power to issue currency, without going through the Federal Reserve. Mr. Kennedy’s order gave the Treasury the power “to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury.” This meant that for every ounce of silver in the U.S. Treasury’s vault, the government could introduce new money into circulation. In all, Kennedy brought nearly $4.3 billion in U.S. notes into circulation. The ramifications of this bill are enormous.


Addditionally, sources allege that one of the New York mafia families facilitated the assassination of President Kennedy with payment going through a subsidiary of the Bank of England.

Given the 250+ year battle by private banking, which has deliberately caused every recession and depression-including the recession of the 1930's, 2008, and the current recession of 2022-23-to control the currency and credit of the United States, these allegations seem plausible.

Most people don't understand that "money" is only created by loans made. America's economy is a gold standard debt induced monetary system. The ONLY way new money is created is through debt and the borrowing power of the US government is secured through the income tax.

Presidents Jefferson, Jackson, Harding, and Lincoln all freed American from the control of private banks and every time, members of Congress with huge campaign debts to a national bank, reversed these Presidential attempts to free America from long term debt. President Jackson is the only President to actually pay off the entire national debt.

The bodies of the 2 shooters that assassinated President Kennedy have never been discovered because they were cremated. We also know that the CIA deliberately framed Oswald.

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Can you tell us more how Oswald was framed? I always knew the CIA set him up

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The FBI/MI5 and CIA/MI6 and NSA/GCHQ were not created to protect the citizens of the USA and subjects of the UK, but to protect the wealth, interests, and New World Order agenda of the Anglo-American Pilgrims Society (1902), which created the Round Table Groups, the US Federal Reserve Central Bank, the failed League of Nations, the UK Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House), the US Council on Foreign Relations, the Bank for International Settlements, the UN, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Club of Rome, the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the World Economic Forum, and recently Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild’s Council for Inclusive Capitalism with the Vatican.

Likewise, the Mainstream Media (MSM) were not created to inform the citizens of the USA and subjects of the UK, but to mis-inform the citizens of the USA and subjects of the UK with propaganda designed to protect the scheming machinations of the Pilgrims Society and their New World Order agenda.





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For the Rothschild-obsessed:

Lynn Forester de Rothschild - Wikipediahttps://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Lynn_Forester_de_Rot...

Lynn Forester, Lady de Rothschild (born July 2, 1954) is an American-British billionaire ... the United States Senate campaign of Democrat Daniel Patrick Moynihan.

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Possible that he was an Angleton counter-intelligence dangle. Angleton sent him to defect to Moscow to see if the Soviets would bite on such an attractive defector who had U-2/perhaps even CORONA program knowledge. If they ignored him by and large, which they did, that would confirm existence of a mole in CIA. Therefore, setting him up with the assassination would neuter Angelton if it came out that Oswald had been an Angleton operation.

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Just think Nixon went after Katie Meyer Graham, Jack Anderson and Brookings Institute. All three people/institutions were Rothschild agents working in the United States. Nixon also ordered Israeli Arms Smuggler and Howard Hughes handler Hank Greenspun's safe cracked.

People get stuck at the CIA when looking at the assassination. The CIA and Naval Intelligence are only halfway up the poisonous tree. Helms, Dulles and Angleton we're ALL Israeli/Rothschild agents. Angleton even stated they were on a Satanic Quest and would all soon burn in hell.

Going one step above the CIA- look no further than Mi5/Mi6. Mountbatten was the Quarterback making the call with his handler and nuclear thief Solly Zuckerman in ordering JFK's execution. Final green light given by Mountbatten and Zuckerman in Jacksonville, Florida September 20, 1963. Oh and the luxury hotel where the meetings took place burned down in December 1963.

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Wrong. Graham went after Nixon. See comment above.

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Leverage is a game that is as old as politics itself but becoming more and more desperate. Who has the most leverage along with control of the press usually determines the winner. The current top secret documents debacle is a perfect example of the depths of this intrigue. Saying that Biden and his sycophants were "sloppy" is ridiculous. Carlson alluded to this without specifics. There is no sloppiness here. What we are seeing here is old fashioned leverage being used. It's no surprise to anyone that Biden is a loser in 2024. Unexpectedly, Biden is not getting the message to ease out of the running to allow a more attractive candidate to rise. Being an old pro at this kind of play, Biden, along with other high powered folks have their share of "aces in the hole", usually in the form of documents or informants

always at the ready should the knives come out. As Biden tries to flex to threaten a run in 2024, the powers to be have now pulled their ace and opened up a document investigation, perhaps the documents he took as his own insurance policy. As evidenced by the front page headlines in WP and NYT, it appears that it is the deep state that has Biden by the short hairs here. Just as Nixon may have thought otherwise, Biden has crossed the wrong folks. It remains to be seen whether Biden has the wisdom to slink away while he can, a la Nixon, or meet the fate of JFK and Epstein.

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So President Gerald Ford was not the nice, simple, innocent Michigander we thought he was, but was part of the "deep state" and doing whatever they requested by altering evidence!

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They supposedly had Ford compromised by tapes of him in a hotel room, cheating on his wife. Read that somewhere, cannot remember which book. I do think they used blackmail a lot to control the players in this.

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Bobby Baker wrote about Gerald Ford and notorious DC party girl Ellen Rometsch a few years ago in Politico.

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Great find, Roger! I had always wondered what Watergate was all about, now I know that it was a multi-hybrid affair but this was really the heart of it . . . and the over-hyped Woodward and Bernstein team really missed the "truth" boat.

Congrats on your great substack site!

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Decades ago, my research showed that Richard Nixon was in Dallas the day of the JFK assassination, he flew out but a few hours before. The CIA had an office a few blocks away from the assassination, an office that Lee Harvey Oswald had been seen at many times. The real assassination took place from the grassy knoll, men that looked a lot like Halderman and Erickman, Nixon's men, were photographed on the grassy knoll. Yea, there might be a good chance Nixon knew who did the assassination.

Just a year or so ago, I read an account by then VP Johnson's girl friend (now deceased) in which she claimed that Johnson told her the night before the assassination that, "I won't have to deal with that ass hole much longer."

I still remember watching TV as Johnson was being sworn in as president on the plane taking Kennedy's casket home. Jackie still had her blood soaked dress on, she was on one side of the casket, Johnson directly across from he, starring in his eyes she clearly said "Look what you have done." Yes, live television and I saw it as clear as day.

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You are right and Jackie said "It was LBJ." I think she married the old Greek for protection more than for love. Maybe for money too.

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You would have more credibility if you had your facts straight. Jackie Kennedy stood next to LBJ during the swearing in on the plane, and the swearing in was not broadcast live on television. It was photographed, and it was sound recorded with a Dictaphone. What else have you gotten wrong?

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You r correct. Meet James Files, Chicago mafia


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Why is there no mention of the 54/12 group?

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"General Lansdale is now working for Mr. Roswell Gilpatrick, Deputy Secretary, DOD, who will be Defense's representative to the 54-12 committee. It was speculated that this move would obviate the present functions of General Erskine's office and as a result Colonel Prouty might not enjoy his current association with the Agency." Memo by John N. McMahon


Gilpatric later General Counsel to TIME, during Watergate, owing to TIME's involvement in Diem coup and other matters.

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Gilpatric also fingered Felt as the source feeding Bob Woodward and Sandy Smith. There is an October 1972 tape of Bob Haldeman informing Nixon about Felt and his source being “a legal guy” at Time Magazine.

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Gilpatric had been steering Nixon and Haldeman toward Felt in the first place, as discussed in the Oct 19, 1972 tapes, to throw Nixon off any trail that might lead to the real Deep Throat (Moynihan). See Max Holland, https://www.washingtondecoded.com/site/2009/11/richard-nixons-own-deep-throat.html. No defense of Holland intended here, but he did get that part -- that Gilpatric was pointing Haldeman/Ehrlichman/Nixon to Felt -- correct. The question is why. The answer, again, both then and now, is to throw off any identification of the real Deep Throat.

"However, in addition to being presented in sworn testimony, the Time-Gilpatric leak was alluded to during a February 16, 1973 tape-recorded meeting of President Nixon, FBI acting director Gray, and senior White House adviser John Ehrlichman, and again on February 27 during a meeting between the president and John Dean. More likely than not, Gilpatric learned about Felt from John F. Dowd, a former Cravath associate who was the full-time editorial counsel at Time in 1972."

Leahy implicated here?


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