Better not be. There’s way better vp picks to be had. Lake, Flynn, Gaetz, Greene.

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It is ALL ABOUT the rigged voting machines. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

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Mar 30·edited Mar 30

Uggggh. Big no to a Rino VP pick.

I’m tired of people getting trump involvement with vax mixed up with Biden.

All trump has to say is .....

-people were crying for a vax and he helped get a Delta vax going that was intended only for the elderly/vulnerable!!

-Biden abused and mandated a delta vax that was useless against Omicron!!! He also opened up the vax for all ages!!!

-Trump said even in Newsweek that it’s not for the young!!! The vax was a choice that has pros and cons. For the elderly the data still has muddled positives to still administer.

-of course there was early recommendations for shutdowns as the data was a mess in the beginning from blue states. Later more facts came out.

-other countries have switched back to only offering vax to the elderly/vulnerable thus vindicating trump. I believe CDC has recently changed their age recommendations too.

-when in doubt blame Pence who was in charge. Lol.

Trump did nothing wrong at the time!!! He just needs to stick to these talking points and not get dragged into the weeds. That’s it!

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I can't listen to any more of this argumentative guy. You, Roger, couldn't have a discussion with him. You were politely trying to get a word in edgewise and guide the conversation. Not possible. He was taking over. Trump didn't have hindsight on Fauci like we do now. Don't have this guy on again. I couldn't finish the video

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Chris Nelson is right. About everything he talked about.

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This would be the best bet and combination where both would work hard.

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Good to see Roger and co. digging in. Early in the process but the heat is on high. Thanks, Roger!

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Do you know why Governor Ron DeSantis left the Legislature? Appears to many of us that VPs are just standing in the wings and powerless to actually do something to make a difference. WOW! Thank you, Chris Nelson; that makes sense; you helped a lot!

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Smile more Roger :)

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