Praying for you & Mrs. Stone to prevail against the totally tyrannical & corrupt Bidens & their Regime!

Thank you for not staying silent, like so many out there in the spotlight are doing.

We need everyone to speak the truth now & stop being silent in fear of frivolous lawsuits by corrupt attorneys & prosecutors & judges.

America’s “Injustice System” has become a bad joke & proves that many are Above The Law.

If we do not stop the WEF, WHO, UN & the CCP from trying to force globalization on Americans & then take over World Control with their Digital Dollar & Health System takeover.

America has so many enemies now under the warmongering, corrupt globalist Uniparty.

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Be brave. This use of lawyers to silence or change the narrative is abusive. They damn well know their frivolous accusations require a defense and enormous cost.

They are helping to hide the criminal influence selling schemes of the Biden family. Let's hope the truth cannot be held back forever.

I supported you as a Founder and will do more to help with defense fund.

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They literally admitted it was Hunter Biden's in the second letter. They want Roger to "return all materials and files that belong to Mr. Biden." So what you are telling me is that Biden's lawyers are trying to sue you for reporting infortmation you got off of files from Biden's laptop that were found in the public domain and you admit they are your clients yet you call these claims "baseless". That sounds really stupid to me.

We got your back Roger. You are my personal hero. Thank you for all you do.

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Wow, you’re like David with his sling and stones! Go get ‘em Roger Stone...

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